Things going great lately minus a couple of flu bugs. Our Richmond show was a genuine blast. Loved One Eyed Dolls and it was also good to visit friends at fallout for the after party!

Next show is our Baltimore return and is going to be a massive blast. We hope you can join in on the fun. It is an early show with lots of amazing bands including STars and the Sea, Tim Kaye, Deathhouse Blues and I believe the debut show of the Already infamous Toilet Cats! This is going to be a superball of a party!


more news:

Whats in the works
Still working on our next two albums. One is a children's album with a variety of guest artist titled QUACK to be followed by our fourth full length album titled ATTACK. So stay tune for the QUACK ATTACK! We are also playing shows here and there in ...

Attention all who were Affected
We at Red This Ever want to apologize to all of you over this insane spamming issue that has plagued you and us over these past few days. Things have been very emotional over here because of it, and we can only imagine the incredible inconvenience an...

Forward and Beyond
So our firstĀ  long adventurous leg of theĀ LITTLE RED MEN tour is behind us now! We met a boatload of old and new friends along the way. Now we settle down and write some more music. The future will bring our next two albums. One is a children's al...


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