Hey freaks! Our Wicked Faire show was a stellar blast. It Was our first time playing there and we had such a fun time with everyone. The Dark Clan were their usual super-selves and we had our first time experience watching The Gothsicles which turned out to be a must see genuine treat.

We have been working on some new songs that will hopefully premiere at our Baltimore show. Our next event is at the Firehouse in Fairfax VA, with [OPT OUT] and Retrogramme. I have a magical feeling about this show so don’t miss out on it. We have played there before and find this club to be up in the richter scale of fun!

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  1. Tom

    You guys were awesome, its just ashame that there were so few of us in your audience. They really scheduled you badly, you should have been up before Ego Likeness.

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