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Buy Directly from our website HERE and receive 5 Bonus tracks! One Bonus Attack! Track named This Song, a remake of our 2009 song Half Asleep and Three kicking covers!

Thanks for all your continued support throughout the years, we love what we do 100%, but we love it even more when we connect with all of you through our creations. Thank you for always being there.[/cs_text][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section][/cs_content]

Gabriel :: The Man, The Myth.

Gabriel Perry

It is with Great sadness that we will be losing the iconic guitar stylings of Gabriel Perry on our future tours. On the other hand we feel great joy and pride to learn that Gabe took employment with two non-profits in Los Angeles and will be relocating there to continue the fight for animal rights!

He is an amazing soul that will definitely be missed. We wish him much success. Keep fighting the good fight brother and keep rocking!

Here is an excellent video from Phantom Culture of Gabe playing This is What we Do (when we do What we Do when We Wanna Do) with us live at Kirby’s in Wichita



the official release for our kid’s album Quack! will be OCT 31st. Pre-order for the CD or digital format are now open and available on our Bandcamp site. The pre-order is for a limited run of 100 disc so order soon and don’t miss out. Because of it’s Halloween release we are including a free SD video of our song ‘I Like Halloween’ with every purchase! SHARE! We also have cool Quack swag including printed t-shirts and hoodies for adults, kids!