ES Volume 4


Creator and cancer survivor, Jim Semonik has taken his series of industrial music compilations to the next level. He has assembled an amazing roster of international artists to come together to smash the face of cancer. Joining Jim this time are new and exclusive tracks and mixes from KMFDM, Seabound, Solitary Experiments, Leather Strip, En Esch, Dope Stars Inc, Panic Lift, Suicide Commando, Interface, I:Scintilla and many more. All Proceeds to be donated to Our Clubhouse, an organization that provides comfort, care, & hope to those touched by cancer !  Pre-Order here



Disc 1:Retribution

1. KMFDM-Make Love

2. The Dark Clan-Fury

3. Ghostfeeder-Legacy

4. Panic Lift-Finally What You Wanted (Savior’s Extended Mix)

5. Deathline Int’l-Parasite

6. Rein[Forced] Feat. Interface-Wasted Time

7. Seabound-When She’s Hungry (Wesenberg Remix)

8. Deathproof-Deathtroopers

9. Mindless Faith-Monochrome

10. Binary Park-Silence Is Speaking (Infacted Remix)

11. Iris-Rewired (Intuition’s Morning Star Mix)

12. More Machine Than Man-Dark Star

13. Suicide Commando Feat. Jean-Luc De Meyer-The Pain That You Like (Orange Sector Remix)

14. Massiv In Mensch-Hamburg (TraKKtor R3werkk)

15. Rodney Anonymous-Plastic Soulmate

16. Eurasianeyes-Future is Mine

17. Cenotype-Ardent Ex Profvndis


Disc 2:Reprisal

1. Stoneburner-Tlulaxa Flesh Merchant

2. am.psych-Halation

3. Blutengel-Nightlife (Fear In Motion Edit)

4. Ashbury Heights-Escape Velocity

5. Ego Likeness-Darkness (Out Out Remix)

6. Ghost & Writer-Into Your Girl

7. Blownload-Hollywood Sunrise

8. nolongerhuman-How This Felt

9. Shiv-R-Malediction (Save Your Prayers Mix)

10. Formalin-Above the Sun (Augmented Club Mix)

11. Red Lokust-Speechless

12. Cyanotic-Coping Mechanisms (All Payne No Gain Mix)

13. Coldkill-Bravery

14. Am Tierpark-Climb to the Unknown

15. Inertia-Stormfront (All Hallows Mix)

16. K.P. Riot Brigade-Perfect Patient

17. Neuroactive-Impossible (Remix)

18. Solitary Experiments-No Salvation (Restriction 9 Remix)


Disc 3:Reciprocation

1. Go Fight-Everybody Loves You

2. Interface-My Promise

3. En Esch-12345 (Stoneburner Remix)

4. Cancerface-Disease

5. Null Device-Never Let the Night Fall

6. Noir-The Burning Bridge (Exclusive Extended Mix)

7. Seeming-Beatlock

8. Spider Lilies-Marionette

9. Tenek-What Kind of Friend? (Republica Balkan Boogie Mix)

10. Dope Stars Inc.-Dressed Inside Your Fear (Sekul Mix)

11. Seven Trees-Going Down (Interlace Mix)

12. Exageist-So Pretty

13. IIOIOIOII-Face Them All (Dance Mix)

14. Caustic-Sacred Scars (Deep Cut Version)

15. Primitive Race-Falling Far (Below Zero Version)

16. Cervello Elettronico Feat. Claus Larsen-Violent Skin

17. Black Volition-Rivers (Persistence Mix)


Disc 4: Counterblast

1. I:Scintilla-DFTD

2. Massive Ego-Out of Line

3. Encephalon-Limb From Limb

4. Cable & Berdysz Feat. Tom Shear-Sound Surfing (Encoder Remix)

5. The Rain Within-Soundwave

6. Information Society-Get Back (Deathproof Remix)

7. Electrovot-Dagger Doll (FCH’s Super Club Remix)

8. Bella Morte-Hunger

9. Solar Fake (All the Things You Say (Alt Version)

10. Hardcore Pong-Code-Thulhu (Remix by Obszön Geschöpf)

11. Psy ‘Aviah-Letting Go (Rool Remix)

12. Society Burning-Memory

13.Hype Factor-市中心中国 (Mr. Kitty Remix)

14. Stiff Valentine-Ride the Whip

15. Decoded Feedback-How to Destroy a Planet (Agro Mix)

16. Slave Unit-2 Sides

17. Leæther Strip-Can You Be Trusted?


Premium Edition:

Disc 5: Backfire

1. White Shadow-Nerve

2. Tragic Impulse-Can’t Stop the Rain

3. Dream in Red-Dead Wrong

4. Cyber Strukture-No Strings

5. CYLiX-In This Prison (Savior Edit)

6. Hopeful Machines-Turn Around and 20 Years

7. TraKKtor-Mekkanized Soul (Synapsyche Remix)

8. Dharmata 101-Magnesium

9. Binary Division-Riot Rebellion (Simon Carter’s Clubbed Up Mix)

10. Unitary-Torching Utopia (Les Anges De La Nuit Remix)

11. MyParasites-Nightmare

12. Standard Issue Citizen-Evidence of Angels

13. Colony 5-Knives (Head-Less Remix)

14. Vein Collector-Flight Distracted

15. Control.Org-Reciprocate

16. Mirland-Not Human


Disc 6:Quid Pro Quo

1. Cyanide Regime-Today We Are Alive

2. Red This Ever-Future Survivors

3. Adoration Destroyed-Elegantly Decayed

4. Hide and Sequence-Bitter Pill

5. Vircon-Apathetic (Interface Remix)

6. Antibody-Murderer

7. entr0pique-54 Pills

8. Silver Walks-Tidal (Panic Lift Remix)

9. Machines On Blast-Take It Slow

10. Microwaved-GOD I HATE TO DIE

11. FCh-Infected (Electronic Saviors Remix)

12. Venus in Furs-Useless

13. Venal Flesh-Tribulation

14. UCNX-Servant (Conspiracy Thief Mix)

15. Invisible Sky-Can You Hear Me

16. Rust and Remain-The Mariner Hymn (Becoming the Devourer Mix)

17. HEAD-LESS-Triebjagd (BFX Remix)

18. Peter Turns Pirate-Pretty Sic

19. This Hollow Machine-As I Return


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Attack! Next!

ATTACK COVER SQRSo Quack! is officially out and available on our website merch page!

Also in full swing is the writing of our next album Attack! We have the drafts of 12 songs and 2 bonus tracks  already closely completed and awaiting the mix down and master. You can check them out here and visit our soundcloud for more to come. We think lyrically and musically this is some of the strongest stuff we have ever written so we hope you get a chance to take a music break and check them out.